Like millions of people around the country and across the globe, I was rapt with joy and astonishment on election night when it became clear from the numbers that Donald Trump was pulling off the greatest upset in US Electoral history. For me, the joy was overwhelming. I felt like my spirit was doing somersaults. Why? Because I knew at that moment the something was shifting on earth and in the heavens, the fruit of which would be felt for years to come.

The battle has raged. The media and the hard left threw everything into this election, as if they knew that it was now or never. Christians felt the same. We knew it was over if we could not pull this one out and somehow raise a standard against the flood. Then it happened. Florida, North Carolina and Ohio went to Trump, as we knew they must. Then Wisconsin. (At that point I knew Trump was going to win.) Later, Pennsylvania sealed the deal. The words that come to me are: amazing, miraculous, phenomenal.

As if the victory were not already sweet, we woke up to find that the GOP has a solid majority on both houses of Congress as well. Not since 1928 has such a favorable circumstance arisen for a president-elect. In the few days since the election, it has been clear that God’s favor is on our president elect. This is a surreal season. Except it IS REAL!

How are we to respond to this all moving forward? With thanksgiving and prayer. Prayer is what brought us to where we are and prayer will sustain the victory and secure the ground that we walk on. It strikes the winning blow in the heavenlies, and prepares our hearts for more of what God wants to give us.

If you would like to get involved in a prayer network, I would highly recommend Global Watch.

As a first step, here is a 30 day prayer plan for the month of December:

Proverbs Prayer Guide