“How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!”


Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Lake Chapala! Thanks for allowing us to share with you a couple of important updates.

Baby on the Way!

Our daughter, Chelsey Brooke, will be giving birth to our grand-daughter sometime in the next few weeks. Originally the due date was set for September 1st, but due to complications, she will be a “special delivery” early arrival. At present, Chelsey is in the hospital where she will remain until delivery. Here is the latest update from Stasia:

“Updating for @Chelsey Brooke The doctors wanted to do a procedure to alleviate some of the pressure buildup of liquid in her abdomen. This was an important procedure not only for the baby but for Chelsey. They are unable to do that because she started leaking amniotic fluid. Right now it’s just a waiting game. She has a wonderful team of doctors when we say team is a large team. She’s in a very good hospital as a matter of that the best hospital for this. They need Lots of prayer. Not only is Chelsey in the hospital. They are moving this weekend today as a matter fact. We are grateful they have a new place because they were really cramped in their old apartment. Please pray for Jonathan and Destiny as they make the move and for Chelsey not to stress about it. Of course she feels bad for not participating, but her job right now is resting.”

For anyone interested in participating, Stasia set up a baby registry for Chelsey. Here is the link:

Jonathan and Chelsey Baer Registry

Happy Birthday, America!

John recently published his book “MAGA RISING: Trump 2.0 and the Great American Comeback” on Amazon.  It has already garnered over 50 reviews. Here is a recent review:


“What a masterful piece of work! This well-researched, objective, informational, and factual book is something everyone who loves America should read. It gives perspective to what is happening now to our country and what has happened in the past when leadership is not focused on the needs of the people. It gave me a much better insight to the historical America and how history seems to repeat itself. I liked the focus it gave to those leaders who rose to serve the people in the past and present and the impact of their work. It is important for us to focus on what we are now facing and this book fills in so many of the blanks. Masterfully done with videos, visuals and skillful writing. Well done!”

~Joan Glance, Verified Purchase Reviewer


We hope you take the time to read it. It contains historical analysis, Biblical and theological analysis, a defense of free speech and the free exercise of religion (which are under attack), an entire chapter on Aimee Semple McPherson (John’s spiritual grandmother), and a defense of the much maligned and misunderstood MAGA movement. To celebrate America’s 248th birthday, we are giving a FREE Audible and Digital copy of this book to you for your donation of any amount this month.

Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

This year Stasia and I are celebrating our 40 years of marriage and mission service. As many of you know, the month after our wedding I led a team to the Los Angeles Olympic Outreach, where 1600 churches across the city ministered to people from all nations of the world. Soon after that we said goodbye to all of our friends in California and embarked on a missionary journey over the next four decades chasing God-inspired dreams on four continents. And here we are.

What an adventure! Raising a family on the mission field and dedicating our gifts and energies to answer His call has been a priceless privilege for us. We have experienced challenges along the way, but can testify that each one has been matched by God’s amazing grace and provision!

Naturally we are doing a great deal of reminiscing. With that in mind, here is a story, in audio, of one of John’s NAKED FAITH experiences in the Philippines in 1989, taken from our book FOOD MEMOIRS: “John’s Power Encounter in Cebu.”


We Need Your Support

We appreciate your generosity at this time in helping us forge through some of the challenges we presently face.

As missionaries in Mexico, the surge of inflation and the devaluation of the dollar has done a double whammy on our personal economy. We are receiving 25% less income due to the exchange rates and we are battling a fast-rising cost of living here in Mexico due to inflation. 

May the Lord bless and keep you

In His Mighty Grip,