raising-hands-background-1013tm-bkg-148Here is a powerful quote from the early 90’s that is as relevant today as when I first heard it:

One billion young people will pass between the critical ages of thirteen and twenty three this decade. One billion young people on the move. They will rarely listen to lectures. We cannot stop them. Their power is unavoidable. One billion human lives, each with his or her own unique hopes and visions, fears and hurts. We cannot afford to ignore a single one of these precious persons. Still less can we ignore one billion.

Today they live in a world we have made; tomorrow they will make the world in which we live. Today they are asking questions; tomorrow they will dictate answers. Today they look for a leader; tomorrow they must be leaders. Today they are searching for direction; tomorrow they must provide it. And if we do not win their hearts today, they will break our hearts tomorrow.

There is nothing more precious than the birth of a baby into the world, nothing more endearing than to see ourĀ  toddlers grow up into young adults, and nothing more rewarding than passing the baton of precious values, acquired wisdom, and steadfast faith and seeing it take hold in their life choices.