Dear Ones,

This year marks two weddings, John’s 60th birthday next week and our 32nd Anniversary.  We have never taken a trip alone other than our honey moon 32 years ago this month.  With my big birthday in October, (we will just leave that number out) we are hoping for a getaway somewhere!

"What so proudly we hailed..." Saluting the Stars and Stripes on Memorial Day

“What so proudly we hailed…” Saluting the Stars and Stripes on Memorial Day

John managed the little league “Angels” this year. It was a great experience, and a real opportunity get to know a lot of kids and their families and their families. Ella received top academic marks in school and Destiny received many awards and recognition as well including completing 1 college course (she is working on more this summer) Lauren will be living with us while Rudy is deployed and she hopes to continue her education as well.  Many have asked a lot of questions, but as Rudy is in the military we need to be very careful what we share.

Chelsey’s Graduation at Texas A & M

Finally, Chelsey graduated from TAMIU in May and relocated to San Antonio just two weeks ago.  She will be finishing her Masters and becoming a PA as well as getting married soon.  As a matter of fact, for those movie buffs out there, she will be getting married on the exact spot where Sandra Bullock played as an FBI agent in Miss Congeniality.  (The scene where she is playing water glasses and tackles a Texan with a gun!)


Why rice and beans? When combined in a single meal, rice and beans provide essential amino acids (building blocks for brain power) and plenty of healthy fats. It is a high calorie dietary boost that is especially helpful for those who are a lacking substantial nutrition in their daily dietary intake. Every month I am honored to give away hundreds sometimes even thousands of pounds of this important stuff for missions and churches who serve the poor and needy on both sides of the border where I live. God is good and it is all for Him! I get to do what I love. #missionarymomma

Among the many things we do here as Directors of Laredo Stepping Stone, each month we manage the  “dispensa”, a monthly distribution of hundreds of pounds of rice and beads each month to ministries on both sides of the border. It has been my heart to enlarge the borders of my ministry to those in need. As an answer to prayer, I have been accepted as a Chaplain with Billy Graham’s Rapid Response Team! Read More: Stasia Stepping Out

Prayer Points

Immediate needs are: (1) Increased support.  At the beginning of the year we lost our biggest supporter due to ministry changes. (2) For our children, clothing, shoes (Noah is wearing the same shoes he was gifted in 2014) and some medical bills. Destiny needs to finish raising funds for her summer camp $450 Noah and Ella go to camp in July $250.

We so much appreciate your prayers and support!stasia-sig



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