SEO and Digital Marketing

Success = Getting Found On-line and Engaging Your Audience!

Creating a beautiful and functional website on-line is only the first step. Getting found on Google  and the rest of the search engines is the crucial and ongoing second step. If your site is never found, it will sit like a beautiful patch of daisies on a remote mountain peak. God sees it, but no one else does!

Connecting is the Name of the Game! My services include connection on demand with social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. I will set up your accounts, tie them into your site and even do custom logo and profile picture work.

Web Exposure

Google (which accounts for over 80% of search activity) is like a mighty rushing river. The other search engines are like tributaries. All the search engines, together, spell one thing: web exposure. Case in point: I was writing this piece, I was having a brain freeze and couldn’t think of a word that would accurately describe what I was trying to communicate. So I Googled  “name for river branch” and I got my word: tributary!  This is what we all do all the time while we are on-line. It is a beautiful thing. But it is also pretty disheartening if you know you have a nice website and you can’t even find it yourself unless you actually punch in the actual site name!

Google has led the way in establishing a highly sophisticated and relevant  system based on a constantly updated algorithm. Algorithm is defined as:

“a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.”

When it comes to sorting through the billions of searches and millions of websites and producing relevant matches and happy customers Google spells Genius. And the way they do it is as dynamic and ever changing as the river of information they seek to tame. Google keeps refining it’s system, and webmasters who are up to speed on what is going on will be the most effective at gaining exposure for their clients. To give a simple analogy: websites are like sailboats on the open sea. Search Engine Optimization begins with setting your website up to float efficiently, trimming its sails and providing the navigational wisdom to ride the best currents and waves to connect the site with its intended audience or customer base. That’s where I come in: in addition to building your site, I will serve as your consultant and webmaster to get you the exposure you need.

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