How You Can Help


A picture of us in our first year as missionaries.

At the beginning of this year a very generous supporter, who stood with us faithfully for 8 years, closed her ministry. Quite frankly, this was a major setback, as it resulted in an instant 40% cut in our monthly income. We weren’t sure how we would make it these past few months, but God has carried us—monthly, weekly, even daily. He is good.

But the fact is we need to enlarge our monthly support team.

The modis operandi of a missionary is all about serving and championing others. That has been our goal since we started on this adventure 32 years ago. It has always been a struggle for us to ask. So if you are reading this, will you please prayerfully consider standing with us?  Here’s how you can help:

  1. PRAY for us as the Lord would direct you. Prayer changes things, and establishes a platform for growth and blessing.
  2. Join our monthly support team. Email us at and let us know!  We would like to send you a gift as a token of our thanks.
  3. Give a one-time gift to help us with the operating costs of our ministry.
  4. If you or anyone you know is interested in having a website (for business, ministry or personal use), contact John using the above email address. He won’t charge a lot, and every penny of what he makes in this effort goes toward our operating costs.


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